Digital marketing analysis – a health check

One of the first things we want to do is an analysis of your current digital marketing to find out more about you, your team and business. This is a detailed look into your aims and philosophy, branding, the sector you compete in, and how things are generally going. We want to identify which marketing activities are working for your business to create growth and any that have doubtful value, may be hindering growth, or even sending the wrong message about your business.

Before planning and embarking on any kind of expanded or revised marketing activities , we want to take a close look with you at what campaigns and strategies are already in place. Are all the activities cohesive and how are they affecting your business growth and bottom line?

      • Your business branding Is it still relevant and up to date? Is it speaking to your target audience? Does it distinguish your business from the competition? Are you using all the media available (text content, images, video, infographics ) to enrich your messages?
      • Your website Is it responsive or are you missing out on the 40% plus people that are now browsing the web only on mobile devices? Does it show up anywhere on Google when someone types in keywords used to find your products or services. How many new visitors to your website are you getting each week and are they buying from you? Are you building a subscriber base?
      • Your social media Do you know which social media is right for your business? Are you using social media as part of your marketing at all? If so are your social media followers converting to customers?
      • Your marketing management Is someone in your business dedicated to keeping your branding, website content, social media, and other marketing tasks up to date? Is your marketing budget appropriate to your particular sector and market? Is the money spent positively affecting your net revenue figures? Are you able to monitor results from campaigns and activities?

We specialise in facilitating Business Model Generation workshops and can assist with business process “productisation” – the thinking behind changing your value and revenue paradigms.

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